Roasted FingerlingsI can say with complete certain that cheese and potatoes are my favorite foods.  Don’t ask me to pick one or the other because I love them both.  Combining them is even better but since I’ve had a couple of fried food dishes lately, I’m avoiding doing that and eating a little healthier to make up for those couple of days of bad goodness.

Boiling the FingerlingsI thought I would share the simple flavors of roasted fingerling potatoes with you.  While I do spend a great deal of time cooking up complicated dishes, it’s often the simple ones that I love best.  Fingerling potatoes are so different in texture and flavor from regular potatoes.  They’re sweeter and offer so much versatility for cooking but roasting or grilling them is the best in my opinion.

Boiled FingerlingsNow you could just wash them up and toss them onto a baking sheet with the oil and fresh herbs to roast in the oven until done but there’s a little trick that speeds up the roasting time.  If you start with them raw, it takes close to an hour on 450° to get them browned and tender on the insides and they are still lacking a little of the fluffy, softness they can have on the inside.

Ready to RoastInstead, place them in a pan, covered with water and boil on the stove until they are tender.  Drain the water off, allowing them a few moments to dry, then toss with olive oil, fresh or dried herbs of your choice, sea salt and pepper.  I love them with fresh rosemary and thyme or sometimes add smoked paprika or tarragon and oregano.  The flavor combination is really up to you.  Do season well because the season flavors remains on the outside and combine when you bite into them.

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Brussel SproutsI’m not including  recipe for these because it’s really just about using the amount of potatoes you need and tossing them with olive oil and herbs for seasoning.  Cut them in half or don’t, it’s really up to you.  You can season as little or as much as you like.  Just don’t over oil or you’ll have a soggy, oily mess.  You need just enough for a thin coat.

Close up of Roasted FingerlingsHeat the oven to 450° and place in the oven.  Stir occasionally to help them brown on all sides, about 20 minutes or so.  Once they are golden brown, remove and enjoy.  Just remember to let them cool a little before biting into them or you might burn your tongue.  If you want to speed them up more, you can cut them in half and lay them face down on the sheet, just don’t forget to coat with olive oil first.

Fingerlings for DinnerYou can serve these as sides or as appetizers.  Toss in Brussel sprouts or spinach to add some yummy greens and flavor.  I also like to make extras and use them in my hashes or potato salads.

Fluffy Insides of the FingerlingsRoasted fingerlings are golden crisp on the outside and fluffy soft on the inside when biting into them.  Such a simple rustic dish that packs such an impressive punch of flavor and taste.  It’s good to go back and enjoy the wonderful goodness of simple dishes without the hassle.

You can’t have too many potato recipes, so here’s more:

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