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I was wandering through the cookbook section of the local bookstore the other day, when I read an excerpt from one cook who mentioned that “there are no bad cooks, only bad recipes.”  I do disagree with her because many people are never taught or learn to cook properly or just aren’t talented at it (we all do have our strengths and weaknesses) but there are plenty of bad recipes posted out in the world as well.

I do like to give the measurements for my recipes because some people need them to begin to understand how to pair up flavors and ingredients.  I also try to share my techniques or the ideas behind my cooking.  That being said, my recipes are just the guidelines or the road maps to get you started on your pathway to yumminess.  Don’t ever be afraid to make changes.  Trust me, I am constantly adjusting and making changes, even to tried and true recipes.  In my opinion, for food is about change and trying new things, so updates are good.

Teach yourself the techniques of cooking and you’ll have the tools you need to add, change or create your own recipes (baking however needs exact measurements).  And if you share with others, please share responsibly by giving out recipes with good techniques instead of sharing not so great ways of doing things.   The Internet contains many wonderful how-to videos and instructions on sites such as the Food Network, Allrecipes, Food & Wine, Fine Cooking and more, if you want to learn on your own time.  Or take a cooking class to understand the techniques.  Then start experimenting with combining flavors to get an understanding of what you like.

Hans D. Susser, a favorite blogging chef I follow, posted an article “About My Recipes” that I just had to share with you because it’s exactly what I think and believe about cooking.  Here’s an excerpt from his blog:

“About My Recipes” by Chef Hans D. Susser

Dear Friend’s,

Here is my answer to a question some of my new readers have once in a while :

I love the dish! But where is the recipe ?

To answer those questions :
The ingredient’s (except most standard seasonings) are usually pictured in the first (the Prep) picture..
The idea is to have you add as much /  little of one ingredient as you like :
Don’t like much garlic? Add less! Love garlic?  Add more.
In savory cooking, recipes are usually just guidelines, which you should interprete
according to your taste , preferences and availability. (Don’t like butter? Use olive oil !
Don’t like butter nor olive oil? Use Canola oil or peanut oil or whatever fat you like !
Prefer your soup / sauce thicker or thinner ? Add more or less thickener !

Read the rest  on Chefs Opinion.

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