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After a few months of reflection and many lifestyle changes, Simply Sophisticated Cooking is changing its direction.

Food and recipes will still be the theme. Just now the focus will be “Meals from the Road.”

The hubby and I made the decision to begin the trip of a lifetime. We are traveling for at least the next year in Europe and possibly becoming full-time nomads, working from the road.

After decision time, things moved faster than expected. Our landlord did not renew our lease, so instead of moving and signing a new one, we began to move around Denver getting into shape for up and coming trip.

We have learned much and the universe shared several loving and important messages.

During all this time, I struggled with how I was going to continue sharing recipes and tips in the same format I have been.

The conclusion is that things are changing because cooking while living in new places does have its own challenges, such as not having my own SHARP knives and my extensive collection of cooking tools.

All this lead to me finally coming up with the idea of sharing our meals from the road.

We still cook, but tend to use more shortcuts than I used to. We also eat out more.

The trade-off is I will share those tips, shortcuts and even recipes, ideas and tips from the restaurants we eat at.

You will still get plenty of photos and awesome cooking and prep ideas. And ideas for eating healthy while traveling.

The eating healthy is an important one because it does become easy to take the shortcut of just picking up fast food, but we are working to drop our weight and stay in shape. This means being more conscious of what types of food we are eating.

I look forward to input from you all in what you want to see and if you like the direction Simply Sophisticated is moving towards.

Thank you for being loyal friends who have joined us on this journey.

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  1. I wish you great success with your new focus and goals. I look forward to reading your posts about your adventures. I bet they will be fascinating. Thank goodness for the internet, so we can stay in touch no matter where you are.

  2. Count me in on “joining” your journey from my armchair! Wow that’s amazing that you are going to travel for a year. I hope to hear about special restaurants and foods that you encounter on the way in the various countries and look forward to trip photos in addition to all the tips you share. Have a fantastic time!


    1. Hi Liz,
      Thanks for joining us from your comfy armchair and for giving us a little of what you hope to see while we travel. I’ll make sure to include plenty of food and restaurants that we enjoy along the way. Keep a napkin close to help wipe the drool off your chin 😉

  3. I am glad your blog is coming back. I have missed it and you two. I look forward to whatever you do. I tried to email you but the email came back. Good luck to both of you on your new journey. I am a bit envious. Are you in Europe already?

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      How are you? Sorry the email came back, not sure what that is about. 🙂
      No, we aren’t in Europe yet. We leave Sept. 29th. It’s good to hear from you. Hopefully this email works out for you. I drove by the place the other day and saw all that crazy construction. Talk to you soon.

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