It seems to me enjoying the moments of savoring the wonderful flavors of food, drink, and great company has been lost in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Our society seems so focused on the rat race to get ahead, the food many of us eat comes from fast food, processed food, and take out, all loaded with extra fats, salts, and chemicals, and preservatives which in turn leads to expanding waist lines and dying taste buds.

That search for the finer things in life such as family, quality time, great food and wine, rest, relaxation, and just stopping to smell the roses lead me to learn how to cook.  Along that journey, I learned some tips, tricks and shortcuts for making fine dining quality food easy.  Not only does eating at home work to reconnect with friends, family, and your love for life, it can save you money from the cost of eating out and make you much healthier.   Bring your taste buds back to life by cutting out all the extras and get back to enjoying the simpler flavors of life.

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